Little of Something can be Someone’s Big Thing

There comes a time when we feel like we don’t live enough. The days that we just question our purpose — could’ve been’s & hope’s.

Well, to tell you, it is never too late. You can always do something little today and take a big step for someone else.


By having your own BARBAS AND ZACARI timepiece.

Yep, you read it right.

Barbas and Zacari is a company that values your time by giving you the best of both worlds — a treat for yourself and a help for others.

It is officially partners with the Australian Cancer Research Foundation which means that for every purchase from B&Z, $5 of which goes as proceeds for the foundation.

What else feels better than giving yourself a treat while knowing you’ve been a big help to someone fighting a battle we know nothing about?

Go visit their website for their range of time piece at and feel free to use my code: KATHRINAMAE_ for 20% off and free shipping worldwide!!!

Dress completely and be a helping hand. x


Value your Time

They say time flies. I say make the most of the flying time.

We always wanted something classy. Something elegant. Something simple. Something beautiful. Something useful. All for ourselves. How do we make the most out of the flying time, then?

Let me introduce to you.. *drum roll, please*


Barbas and Zacari — your timepiece that values your time. Barbas and Zacari is an Australian company of timepieces and eyewears, but this one is not your usual. It promotes minimalist style that makes everything for everything. Thus, giving you the classy, elegant, simple, beautiful, and useful everyday watch that matches anything you wear for every occasion.

Oops. It does not end there! The best part about Barbas and Zacari is their partnership with Australian Cancer Research Foundation wherein for every purchase, your $5 go as a proceed to help fund a cure for cancer.

What are you waiting for? Go and visit their website for more information and feel free to use my code “KATHRINAMAE_” for 20% off!!!

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