Little of Something can be Someone’s Big Thing

There comes a time when we feel like we don’t live enough. The days that we just question our purpose — could’ve been’s & hope’s.

Well, to tell you, it is never too late. You can always do something little today and take a big step for someone else.


By having your own BARBAS AND ZACARI timepiece.

Yep, you read it right.

Barbas and Zacari is a company that values your time by giving you the best of both worlds — a treat for yourself and a help for others.

It is officially partners with the Australian Cancer Research Foundation which means that for every purchase from B&Z, $5 of which goes as proceeds for the foundation.

What else feels better than giving yourself a treat while knowing you’ve been a big help to someone fighting a battle we know nothing about?

Go visit their website for their range of time piece at and feel free to use my code: KATHRINAMAE_ for 20% off and free shipping worldwide!!!

Dress completely and be a helping hand. x


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